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Yu Peng, DOCVIT Law Firm

Yu Peng

Senior Partner

Tel: +86 182 1094 6909
Email: 285914978@qq.com

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Practice areas

Construction engineering; Infrastructure; Compliance of state-owned enterprises; Major commercial dispute resolution


Yu Peng is a senior partner of Beijing DOCVIT Law Firm. His main practice areas are construction engineering and infrastructure, compliance of state-owned companies and commercial dispute resolution. He has 13 years of law-practice experience in mainland China. From 2007 to 2014, Yu worked in the contract departments and legal affairs departments of large state-owned construction enterprises.

He is well-known for his wealth of experience of the characteristics of construction enterprises. He was recognised as an Outstanding Lawyer of China Communication and Transportation Enterprises and an Outstanding Legal Adviser of the 6th National Communication and Transportation Enterprises by the China Association of Communication Enterprise Management. He was also identified by China Business Law Journal as one of China’s elite lawyers – a member of the A List 2020.

Yu used to work in Wuhan and Tianjin, and is now in Beijing. Since the beginning of his career, he has been deeply engaged in the construction and engineering area and provided professional legal advice for many state-owned construction enterprises. He has profound experience in civil/commercial dispute resolution, especially in the construction engineering field. Yu worked in the basic department of the construction enterprise before becoming a lawyer.

Since becoming a lawyer, he has gained deep experience of construction sites in order to provide legal services for his clients. His clients cover 31 cities, provinces and autonomous regions across the country. He has participated in civil/commercial litigation and arbitration in 150 cities, which has given him a good reputation among his clients.

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