ACC Annual Meeting tailored for APAC

ACC Annual Meeting

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) will conduct its annual meeting virtually from 19-21 October, featuring a tailored content stream for the Asia-Pacific in-house community for the first time.

“We aim to ensure every ACC conference is jam-packed with practical, interactive, and engaging learning formats, and this one is no different,” Tanya Khan, vice president and managing director, ACC Australia and Asia-Pacific, told Asia Business Law Journal.

“Plus, we’re really excited that for the first time, we’re delivering a specific content stream that has been tailored to the growing Asia-Pacific in-house audience and, importantly, is being delivered at a time that is convenient for the region.”

The content stream contains a series of live sessions featuring presenters from the region, including: (1) Navigating compliance minefields in Asia; (2) Singapore, the gateway to Asia: Setting up your regional headquarters; and (3) Evolving China-US trade relations: How multinationals can navigate conflicts.

All of the sessions feature senior general counsel and industry experts from across the region. In addition to the dedicated Asia-Pacific content stream, the annual meeting will feature more than 600 speakers and presenters delivering a total of 180 sessions.

ACC members from around the world, of which 2,000 are in the Asia-Pacific, will witness keynote presentations, participate in roundtable discussions, and listen to a range of panel presentations.

“In addition to the high-quality information, one of the biggest benefits of attending the annual meeting is that everyone working in a corporate legal department can find a community to network with, and learn from peers all around the world,” said Veta Richardson, the president and CEO of the ACC.

“From chief legal officers (CLOs) to those new to in-house, from small law departments to those in multinational corporations, the dedicated learning paths and content streams will help make connecting with others easier than ever.”

The event is expected to attract up to 4,000 in-house counsel, and this year will provide nine different learning paths for everyone to prepare for working in a post-pandemic world.

For more information and to register for this international event, visit: subscripton ad red 2022