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Indonesia’s top 100 lawyers plus 26 Legal Icons. Lim Miran and Emeli Zuño report

Indonesia’s economy showcases both flexibility and strength, marking steady growth of around 5% annually, except for a slight dip during the pandemic years. This growth spurt owes much to the country’s dynamic trade in commodities, hefty infrastructural investments and a rising middle class keen on spending. Even with ups and downs in commodity prices, Indonesia has kept the confidence of both investors and consumers, thanks to its overall economic stability.

At the heart of Indonesia’s economic journey is rising GDP per capita, inching closer to the significant USD5,000 mark. This shift indicates a stronger middle class ready to increase their spending. Economists are tuned into this, foreseeing a domino effect of new opportunities as incomes climb.

Moreover, under outgoing President Joko Widodo’s leadership, Indonesia’s infrastructure has expanded rapidly. This strategic focus on roads railways and ports aims to reduce logistics costs and boost business efficiency. Yet, the financial toll on state-owned enterprises presents a challenge for future administrations.

The country has also made notable strides in keeping inflation in check. In February, the inflation rate was a manageable 2.75%, comfortably below the government’s upper threshold of 3%. This achievement is mainly attributable to the Central Bank’s strategic six-step increase in interest rates.

Indonesia’s economy marches on despite global uncertainties, buoyed by a proactive central bank and a strong trade surplus supported by robust commodity prices. The nation’s economic outlook also continues to defy pessimism. In this dynamic and challenging environment, Asia Business Law Journal introduces Indonesia’s A-List lawyers, who are celebrated for their commitment to best practices in the country. The A-List is compiled through research and nominations from in-house counsel in Indonesia and partners at international law firms focusing on the country.

Comments submitted to Asia Business Law Journal highlight a client preference for experienced lawyers who offer prompt and outstanding service throughout the legal process. All lawyers featured on the A-List are strategically based in Jakarta, the country’s capital. So placed, they help ensure that investment in the country continues to propel economic growth and development while preserving their clients’ interests.

The Icons

For the first time in our A-List, we celebrate Indonesia’s legal Icons, those leaders whose continued work and experience over many years has helped to steer the legal community through times of challenge and prosperity.

With a testimonial from an Indonesia-based general counsel at a multinational transportation and logistics company in Jakarta, Hotman Paris Hutapea, founder and managing partner at Hotman Paris & Partners. The counsel remarks: “He is the most famous Indonesian lawyer in Indonesia in past decades. His list of illustrious clients, from politicians to artists, is endless. No one in Indonesia who aspires to work in the legal field doesn’t know his name.”

Founding partner Rahmat Soemadipradja, of Soemadipradja & Taher, has impressed Hannah Azkiya, an associate at King & Spalding, a global law firm in Singapore. “Rahmat is an amazingly dedicated lawyer, not just to his clients but to his associates and many students to whom he often so generously shares his time, brilliant knowledge and wealth of experience.”

Soemadipradja’s influence on Indonesia’s legal industry has been substantial, also earning him high praise from Yoichi Maekawa, counsel at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, a prominent international law firm with offices in Tokyo, New York City, Singapore, Beijing and Jakarta. “He is an iconic legal practitioner contributing development and progress of the legal industry in Indonesia,” says Maekawa.

As part of this year’s Indonesia A-List we showcase 26 such Icons within Indonesia’s legal sector.

The A-List

Andre Sitepu, head of the legal corporate and business compliance department at Astra Otoparts, an automotive component conglomerate in Jakarta, praises Abdul Haris Muhammad Rum, a senior partner at AHRP Law Firm, for possessing outstanding skills and credentials.

Also within the same law firm, Irawady Azwar, a partner, garners high praise from clients for his expertise. King & Spalding’s Azkiya says: “Irawady’s breadth of experience in the infrastructure and construction industry, especially on highly complex ‘first of a kind’ projects places him in great demand and translates to an incredibly busy practice. He is a reliable and trusted adviser, whose legal skills are matched by his deep understanding of the technical aspects.”Carolus-Woto-Handoko-quote

Maria Cesilia Hapsari, in-house counsel at Pamapersada Nusantara in Jakarta, highlights Azwar’s role in a significant infrastructure project tender. “We really appreciate Pak Irawady’s ability to continue to provide the best advice within a limited time. Pak Irawady helped translate each client’s ideas and helped provide valuable input.”

Aditya Kesha Wijayanto’s performance as a senior partner at Adco Law earns him praise from an in-house counsel at an Indonesian public listed bank. “In a syndication deal, Kesha led and closed the transaction seamlessly … the syndication deal involved various banks that often have their own risk appetite for this transaction, but Kesha managed to handle and accommodate the needs of every lender.” Chandra Silaen, a senior legal adviser at Maybank, one of the leading private banks in Indonesia, also endorses Wijayanto’s professionalism.

“He consistently goes above and beyond to provide excellent service to clients. His commitment to understanding client needs, responsiveness and professionalism sets him apart as an outstanding legal practitioner.”

Agus Ahadi Deradjat’s tenure as a senior partner at ABNR garners praise from Carolus Woto Handoko, corporate affairs and legal manager at Tri Sakti Purwosari Makmur, an Indonesian tobacco manufacturing company. “I know him as a corporate lawyer,” says Handoko, “reliable and communicative. He has these two things while supporting us, in terms of consultation and legal action [litigation and non-litigation].”

Handoko also nominates Riza Buditomo, a partner at AYMP. “He has a specialty that other lawyers in Indonesia rarely have, namely customs and excise law. Personally, he is very good; even though he is a partner he wants to communicate intensely with clients like a good friend, outside working hours he is available to be contacted.”

UMBRA’s senior partner, Ahmad Zakaria, is lauded by Ivan Mawara, corporate legal department head at Jasa Marga (Persero), a toll road developer and operator. “Mr Zakaria helped me quite a lot in several corporate actions conducted in my firm, and he has done a good job as a legal consultant so far. That is why we are quite satisfied with his work and willing to co-operate with him in the long term,” says Mawara.

Alexandra Gerungan, a senior partner at ADCO Law, is acknowledged for exceptional skills in mediation and dispute resolution by Fahmi Shahab, secretary general at the Asia-Pacific Centre for Arbitration & Mediation, an international ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) centre in Indonesia. Shahab says: “Ms Alexandra excels in the legal realm, known for adept mediation and profound dispute resolution skills … Whether tackling client issues, offering invaluable counsel or navigating intricate negotiations, Alex consistently prioritises excellence.”

Somphob Rodboon, managing partner of Ilawasia, a full-service law firm based in Bangkok, touts Gerungan’s competence in litigation and dispute resolution, honed over two decades of practice. “Alexandra has consistently demonstrated exceptional legal acumen and strategic thinking in handling complex legal matters,” says Rodboon. “Her ability to navigate diverse areas such as civil lawsuits, arbitration, employment and compliance investigations with utmost professionalism and diligence is commendable. Alexandra’s dedication to delivering favourable outcomes for her clients is evident in every case she takes on.”

Almaida Askandar, a partner at IABF Law Group, has consistently proven to be an invaluable asset to her clients, as highlighted by Bryan Estes, director of corporate affairs at Nava+, a marketing and communications networks company in Jakarta. “Almaida, as a senior member of the IABF team, is very responsive and focused on quality assurance in both her work and the work of the IABF team,” says Estes. “She has provided very good legal insights for us in the past, especially on challenging legal issues faced by our company.”

Rizka Baely, a seasoned private banker with extensive experience at major global financial firms, also commends Askandar. “Almaida Askandar shines as a star performer in corporate law in Indonesia, specialising in capital markets and copyright,” says Baely. “Her expertise and strategic approach make her a trusted adviser in complex legal matters … With a remarkable track record and unwavering passion, she is a standout figure in the corporate legal landscape.”

Ivan Baely, founding partner at IABF Law Group, is renowned for his legal acumen but equally for his dedication to developing new talent. Dini Makmun, the chair at Yayasan Raden Haji Ma’moen Ama Waas Al Cholidy, a foundation for junior and senior high school students in West Java, hails Baely’s commitment. “Ivan and his firm have open door policies to young legal talent who are keen to learn and work hard. He mentors them with such a high standard of professionalism, yet nurtures their characters to be approachable lawyers.”

This perspective is shared by Anditia Harahap, managing director at Accenture Song, a creative and marketing transformation group in Indonesia and a longstanding client of Baely’s. “His advice is always spot on and most importantly, non-biased,” says Harahap. “He always strives to provide the whole truth and nothing but the truth, not just what we want to hear, and for this, we highly appreciate him.”

Putu Raditya Nugraha, senior partner at UMBRA Strategic Legal Solutions, received praises from Andini Dewi, vice president of legal compliance at PT Fliptech Lentera Inspirasi Pertiwi (Flip), a financial transaction processing company in Depok. Dewi says, “Putu has never failed to deliver top-notch legal advice enriched with practicality and business consideration. His strong yet trendy business acumen has differentiated him from any other Indonesian lawyers, especially in the technology industry.” Dewi adds, “He not only responds to our specific legal/compliance inquiries but also furnishes us with some relevant market insights and even customers’ sentiments towards certain products/services.”

Ayik Candrawulan Gunadi, a partner at ABNR, has been instrumental in the advancement of critical national infrastructure projects, notes Karina Amanda, governance, risk and compliance, and legal vice president at Kereta Commuter Indonesia, a commuter rail operator in Jakarta. “Mr Ayik has shown his full assistance during the contract transactions between Kereta Commuter Indonesia and several railway manufacturers [local and overseas],” says Amanda. “Such contracts have been finalised and signed in accordance to the best interest of both parties equally. The project itself is a significant national project for the sustainability of commuter railway operations in Jabodetabek.”

Chandra Martha Hamzah, co-founder and partner at Assegaf Hamzah & Partners, has catapulted the firm to the pinnacle of Indonesia’s legal industry in just two decades. An Indonesia-based general counsel at a multinational transportation and logistics company in Jakarta compliments Hamzah’s achievements, stating: “With his experience of becoming head of Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission, he has been the role model for all litigation lawyers to follow.”Padraig-Walsh-quote

Denny Rahmansyah, a partner at SSEK, distinguishes himself as an exceptionally capable lawyer within the corporate sector, earning the trust and praise of his peers. Bo Hu, a partner at Merits & Tree Law Offices, a law firm with nine offices in China, highlights his experience and leadership qualities. “Denny is a top-quality lawyer with vast experience of the corporate matters in Indonesia. Denny expertly leads matters with care and flair … We appreciate when he is on the deal as he really brings it all together.”

Kiyotaka Tajima, partner at Kitahama Partners, a full-service law firm in Japan, points to a significant project that emphasises the influence and capabilities that Rahmansyah brings to the table. “With the endorsement of the governments of Japan and Indonesia, Tokushukai Medical Corporation will provide up to JPY10 billion (USD65.3 million) in grants to build a new state-of-the-art facility, the Cardiovascular Centre Harapan Kita-Tokushukai in Jakarta, in collaboration with the National Cardiovascular Centre Harapan Kita of Indonesia, with the aim of making it a world-renowned hub for cardiovascular research and treatment.”

Tajima also shares commendations for ABNR senior partner Emir Nurmansyah, stressing his skill in cross-border acquisitions. “In a transaction involving the acquisition of an Indonesian multi-finance company by a Japanese finance company, Emir has been providing legal advice based on Indonesian practice and the client is highly satisfied with his services.”

Dian Dwi Jayanti, a member of legal staff at Pratiwi Putri Sulung, an integrated engineering, procurement and construction company located in Bekasi, offers a testament to the professionalism and dedication of Dianyndra Hardy, a partner at SSA Advocates. “Mr Dianyndra is a professional and dedicated lawyer in his field, able to help our company in handling current cases,” he says.

Putri Athira, head of legal and compliance at Pinhome, a prominent property tech company in Jakarta, also recognises Hardy’s legal competence. “He didn’t just outline a legal strategy, he mapped out a comprehensive plan that encompassed criminal, civil and negotiation tactics,” says Athira. “What truly stood out was his ability to balance our legal objectives with our commercial interests. He didn’t view them as competing priorities; rather, he saw them as complementary forces that could be harnessed to achieve the best possible outcome.”, he adds.

Flora Chandra, financial controller at ecoCare, a hygiene, sanitation services and pest control solutions company in Jakarta, commends Hendrik Silalahi, a senior partner at William Hendrik & Siregar Djojonegoro. “Hendrik is an exceptional corporate lawyer who also excels in capital market transactions in Indonesia. His legal services go above and beyond average standards,” says Chandra. “I am extremely satisfied with the dedication and hard work shown by Hendrik and his team in handling our IPO. Their professionalism and expertise have greatly contributed to its success.”

Vikas Sharma, finance director and group chief finance officer at Tripar Multivision Plus, a film production and distribution company in Jakarta, also acknowledges Silalahi’s role in their IPO. “I want to express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding legal services provided by Hendrik and his team at WH&SD during our recent IPO. Their contributions and collaborative efforts were crucial to navigating the complexities of the process and ensuring its success.”

Naufal Fileindi, a partner at GHP Law Firm, is highly regarded for his expertise in the TMT sector in Indonesia, carving out a reputation among international clients. Padraig Walsh, a partner at Tanner De Witt, a law firm in Hong Kong that specialises in business law, says: “Naufal is my go-to lawyer for support for clients with TMT-related issues in Indonesia. He is practical, flexible, and very knowledgeable. A tremendous resource and great support to international clients navigating legal issues in Indonesia.”
Fileindi’s skill in handling intricate regulatory procedures is further highlighted by Reynald Fasciaux, CEO at Studocu, an online platform that offers students access to study-related resources, who credits Fileindi with successfully navigating complicated procedures set up by Kominfo, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Fasciaux notes: “Naufal helped us navigate through the complex procedures with Kominfo; without his precious help, we wouldn’t be able to serve our website to millions of students in Indonesia.”

Another GHP Law Firm partner, Nur Eka Pradata, stands out for his comprehensive understanding of the Indonesian insurance landscape. Almer Reyhan, legal counsel at Commerce Indonesia, an end-to-end e-commerce enabler and software provider located in Bangkok, says: “[Pradata] has a very deep knowledge in other relevant, pertinent regulations and practice with regard to insurance, including competition laws, obligatory registration as an electronic system operator in Indonesia, and trading laws from the Ministry of Trade and their relevancy with online insurance business. He was also particularly helpful with his deep knowledge with regard to reinsurance requirements, particularly the recent transitional period of reinsurance regulations in Indonesia.”

Pradata’s legal prowess extends over a wide array of practice areas as observed by Jianan Wu, a partner at DeHeng Law Offices in Beijing. “Mr Pradata has consistently demonstrated exceptional legal acumen and a deep commitment to his clients,” says Wu. “His expertise encompasses a wide range of practice areas, including general corporate law, foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, insurance and employment law.”

Oscar Damarjati, a partner at Hendra Soenardi, is turning heads with his counsel on investing. Aditia Henri Narendra, vice president for legal and compliance at MDI Ventures, a corporate venture capital firm based in Indonesia, offers praise: “[He] possesses a strong comprehension of Indonesian investment laws and regulations, and is known for his humility and exceptional service in providing legal advice.”

Angela Maryska, legal counsel at SMDV, a venture capital firm in Jakarta focused on Indonesia’s digital economy, agrees. “He is knowledgeable yet able to suggest suitable options and pragmatic solutions to address clients’ needs by considering not only a legal aspect but also with commercial/business acumen.”


Rio Lassatrio, founder and partner at LHBM Counsel, is receiving attention for his clarity and precision with legal advice. Ikang Dharyanto, a partner at Nishimura & Asahi Singapore, a top-tier law firm supporting clients’ business in Asean countries, commends Lassatrio’s ability to demystify complex legal issues. “His advice is always clear and concise. Rio is consistently able to provide a simple and straightforward explanation to our clients and he can provide the best ways to accomplish clients’ intentions.”
Lassatrio has also garnered the respect of legal experts in the West. H Jay Kallman, founder of the US-based law offices of H Jay Kallman, acknowledges his legal expertise. “Rio Lassatrio, with whom I have worked for more than a decade, is one of the best lawyers I have encountered both in Indonesia and worldwide … He has solved some tricky problems that no other Indonesian attorney was able to solve previously, including some related to establishing and maintaining various Indonesian legal entities for my client.”

Aldi Firmansyah, founding partner at FKNK Law Firm, is known for his exceptional litigation skills. Michael Halim, head of corporate legal & regulatory at Greenfields Dairy Group, a dairy product manufacturer in East Java, praises his abilities as a “tactically strong litigation lawyer” and commends the “excellent service” he delivers.

Maurice Maulana Situmorang, a partner at Dentons HPRP, is highly acclaimed for his profound expertise in mining law. Dian Buana, who heads the legal compliance team at Baramulti Suksessarana (BSSR), a coal mining company in Jakarta, lauds Situmorang’s deep understanding of the industry. “Maurice has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of mining law, especially coal. It becomes even more interesting because he understands the details and needs from a business perspective, too, so that applicable and profitable legal solutions can be achieved.”

Robert Hasan, a partner at IABF Law Group, is renowned for his mastery of corporate law. Aditia Harahap, managing director at Accenture Song, says: “My company and myself as an individual have been working with IABF for several years now, from normal day-to-day legal corporate actions, to mergers and acquisitions. His knowledge of corporate law, labour, etc. is one of the best I’ve ever worked with and I’ve been working with all the big names in the law industry during my 25 years as CFO in Fortune 500 companies.”

Hasan’s passion and expertise in data protection law have also garnered accolades, notably from Jerry Shalmont, deputy director at UPH Law School, a Christian university in Banten. “Robert is widely known for his expertise in data protection law, and he is highly regarded for his passion and willingness to share his knowledge with students and clients alike,” says Shalmont.

Compiling the A-List

The A-List is based on extensive research conducted by Asia Business Law Journal. To identify the top 100 lawyers in Indonesia, we turned to thousands of in-house counsel in Indonesia and around the world – as well as partners at international law firms – and asked them to tell us which lawyers should make the cut. Nominations were made by professionals at a wide range of Indonesia and global companies, financial institutions and law firms including 1datapipe, ABeam Consulting, ABM Investama, Accenture, aCommerce, Adaro Energy, Adhikari Group, AJCapital Advisory, Aman Group, Angkasa Pura, ANTAM, AnyMind Group, ASTRA Infra, Astra Otoparts, Bahana Sekuritas, Base Entertainment, BFI Finance, BowerGroupAsia, BPK RI, BSSR, CBRE, Chandra Asri, Chevron, Citibank, CJ Logistics, Crown Worldwide, Danamart, Deloitte, Dentsu, doomo, DP World, E2Pay, ecoCare, Enesis Group, Era Digital Media, Eramet, Esri Indonesia, FLIP, FORIS, Garudafood, Gene Solutions, GIZ, GSK, Heal BUMI, Hwaseung Networks, Indo Tambangraya Megah, Indonesia Stock Exchange, Infinaxis, INKA (Persero), InterContinental Hotels, Jakpro, Japan Tobacco International, Jasa Marga, JIIPE, John Hardy, KAI Commuter, Kalimantan Jawa Gas, Kalla Group, KONE, KPMG, Leverate Group, Marga Mandalasakti, MDI Ventures, MEMI Group, Morgan Stanley, MyRobin, Natixis, NAVA+, Nishimura & Asahi, OCBC, Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA), Pandawa Agri Indonesia, Permata Bank, Pertamina Gas, Pertamina Hulu Indonesia, Provalindo Nusa, PSL Holdings, RB Consulting, Roojai Indonesia, Rukita, Salim Ivomas Pratama, Samudera Indonesia, Saratoga Investama, Sika Indonesia, Studocu, Sumbawa Timur Mining, Teko Tinting and Engineering, Teladan Prima Agro, Terratai, Tri Mitra Group, Tri Sakti Purwosari Makmur (KT&G), Tridi Oasis Group, Tripar Multivision Plus, Tripod Consulting, TSMP, United Tractors, Vale Indonesia, ValueFirst, Waskita Toll Road, Zul Rafique & Partners, and many more. The nomination process was backed up by thorough editorial research.

A-List Lawyers were defined on the nomination form as “Lawyers who are currently the star performers of Indonesia’s legal profession; the lawyers who are personally undertaking the country’s top legal work, crafting the most cutting-edge legal solutions to complex problems, and setting the highest standards in terms of quality, innovation and the ability to handle complex matters”.

Legal Icons were defined as “Lawyers who are the luminaries of Indonesia’s legal profession; the titans who command the respect of clients and juniors alike; the mentors who lead Indonesia’s most admired law firms and/or legal teams, and the country’s most prolific rainmakers”.

The final list reflects the nominations received, combined with the Asia Business Law Journal editorial team’s more than 30 years of collective experience in documenting and analysing Indonesia’s legal market. All Indonesia private practice lawyers were automatically eligible for inclusion in the nominations process and, as always, there were no fees or any other requirements for entry. The names and photographs of all 100 A-List lawyers are published here. In addition, each A-List lawyer was allowed to include their biography and contact details, for which a publishing fee was charged.

It is important to note that while the compilation of the A-List was based solely on independent research, the biographies and contact details that appear alongside many of the listings have been written by the participating lawyers and the content has not been independently verified by Asia Business Law Journal.

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