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Investment opportunities in US financial services assets

By Waajid Siddiqui and Hewan Teshome,Hogan & Hartson

US stimulus plan presents immediate opportunities

By Waajid Siddiqui,Hogan & Hartson

Purchase of US assets may lead to CFIUS review

By Jeanne S Archibald,Hogan & Hartson

Healthy capital cushion points to future growth

By Waajid Siddiqui,Hogan & Hartson


New frontiers

As Chinese financial markets become more sophisticated, companies are eyeing new possibilities to unlock value


Role of intermediaries in protecting Indian IP

By Madhu Rewari and Madhurima Gadre, Anand and Anand

In this digital age, where social media has become all the rage and sharing content on the internet has become possible with just a click of a button, businesses need to be more vigilant on the content available on social media platforms or intermediaries

ACC Australia

ACC Australia holds conference, awards online

The 2021 ACC Australia In-House Legal National Conference is set to be the largest online gathering of in-house legal in the southern hemisphere


YouTube videos as prior art evidence in patent invalidation

By Zhao Peng and Wang Xiaodong, Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency



NFTs and the IP conundrum

Are existing copyrights laws redundant in the case of NFTs, as blockchain technology itself provides for the protection of proof of authenticity and ownership of underlying digital assets?

Thailand top lawyers A-List story, aerial skyline

Thailand’s top 100 lawyers 2021

Asia Business Law Journal reveals Thailand's top 100 lawyers