Japanese Miura & Partners expands to UK, US and Indonesia

Miura & Partners expands overseas

Japanese law firm Miura & Partners (M&P) plans to open overseas offices in San Francisco, Jakarta and London in April 2023 in the firm’s first expansion after its establishment in 2019.

In San Fransisco, the firm has inked a strategic alliance with law firm Yorozu Law Group, which will be rebranded as Miura & Partners (US) San Francisco Office. Yorozu Law Group was founded by managing attorney Tasha Yorozu in 2003 in San Francisco to assist Japanese companies and their US subsidiaries.

Yorozu will continue to manage the firm, which includes a staff of five attorneys and a certified public accountant. Naomi Koshi and Norika Yuasa, partners at Miura & Partners’ Tokyo office, will visit San Francisco on a regular basis to develop the alliance.

This alliance will strengthen M&P’s support system for Japanese companies entering the US market and Japanese companies considering acquisitions in the US. Additionally, M&P strongly believes that establishing a relationship with the San Francisco Office will strengthen the support system for US companies entering the Japanese market.

In Jakarta, M&P sealed an alliance with local firm Atama Law, which will be rebranded as Miura & Partners Jakarta Office. The office is headed by Richi Armando Sheyoputra, who just left Indonesian law firm GHP Law in December last year after being a partner for more than five years.

Ryoichi Inoue, head partner of Miura & Partners’ Southeast Asia and South Asia practice, will assist Sheyoputra, in addition to four Indonesian lawyers. Tomohiko Kurata, a counsel at Miura & Partners’ Tokyo office, will fly to Jakarta regularly to support clients in Japan and Indonesia.

London is the first European base for M&P, which will be headed by partners Haruka Murata and Masayuki Atsumi as co-representatives. The office will serve as a point of contact to provide timely support to European companies considering investing in Japan, as well as to meet the demand of globalising Japanese firms.