Ministry notifies work from home rules for SEZs


The Commerce Ministry has issued a new notification that allows work from home (WFH) for a maximum period of one year, and its possible extension to a maximum 50% of total employees, including contractual employees at all special economic zones (SEZs).

A longstanding industry demand, the ministry said the new rule would ensure a uniform country-wide WFH policy. The rule came into effect after several rounds of discussions with stakeholders.

Known as Rule 43A ‒ Work from Home in Special Economic Zones Rules, 2006, the notification is set to benefit employees working in SEZs in the IT/ITES sector, and those who are travelling, working offsite, or who are temporarily incapacitated.

The notification will give SEZ units a 90-day transition period to seek approval for its employees who are already working from home.

It also grants flexibility to the development commissioners of SEZs to approve more than 50% of employees under WFH rules if they have a bona fide reason recorded in writing.