LMCP legal seminar keeps counsel in the know

LMCP legal seminar keeps counsel in the know Arlene Lapuz Ureta
Arlene Lapuz Ureta

In partnership with the University of the Philippines, the Legal Management Council of the Philippines (LMCP) conducted a mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) seminar on 11, 12 and 18 February, and 2 March.

“The LMCP is truly proud of its mandatory continuing legal education programme in partnership with the country’s premier university, the University of the Philippines College of Law – Institute of the Administration of Justice,” the president of the LMCP, Arlene Lapuz Ureta, told Asia Business Law Journal.

“The attendees of our MCLE lectures include chief legal counsel and corporate counsel, as well as reputable law firms servicing the legal needs of top domestic and multinational companies in the country.”

Ureta said the lecture topics were tailor-made for in-house counsel interested in corporate-related laws and legal developments. She said the programme’s huge success could be measured not only by the large number of attendees but, more importantly, by the informative and enlightening legal discourses among the participants.

All lawyers in the Philippines are required to participate in the event every three years to ensure that they keep abreast with the law and jurisprudence, and enhance the practice of law.