A pandemic, trade war and slowing global economy have disrupted China’s outbound investment flow, but the dip may only be momentary as the nation picks up steam and investments regain momentum. Mithun Varkey reports

Chinese businesses have been prime movers of investments globally. The globalization spree has seen the country rank among the top three making the most outward foreign investment in the past couple of decades. Outbound investments gathered significant pace after it kicked off its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, and global economies large and small, developed and developing, have all been vying for Chinese capital.

Chinese investors have built a reputation for their risk appetite and execution capabilities, and are at home both in the risky hinterlands of frontier economies and the glitzy tech havens of the world’s bustling metropolises. They have dug into conventional long-haul infrastructure and resource investments, the riskier real estate and sports and entertainment investments, as well as fast-growing high-tech and new-tech sectors.

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