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IP protection in India for Japanese businesses

By Joginder Singh and Rajeev Kumar, LexOrbis

IP strategy in AI times

By Frank Liu, Shanghai Pacific Legal

Improved copyright infringement practices

Following Copyright Law amendments that took effect in 2021, Chinese courts have actively developed an array of solutions to tackle the ever-evolving field of infringement claims among cutting-edge technologies and new industrial types

Highlights of patent protection in healthcare

The CNIPA released guidelines to support open patent licensing following amendments to the Patent Law

China IP case study: How Mango Excellent Media protects its copyright overseas

Mango Excellent Media legal director discusses IP difficulties of the Chinese internet video enterprises in the operation, creation and development

China IP case study: How BGI Genomics protects its biomedical & life sciences overseas

In the era of knowledge economy, innovation represents the core competitiveness of enterprises and the chief driving force behind both technological and economic progress

China IP case study: How Hisense protects its appliances and electronics overseas

Expanding into overseas markets is a critical choice in the transformation and growth of Chinese enterprises, and for their move up the value chain

China IP case study: How Nio protects its electric vehicles overseas

In the past decade or so, Chinese home appliance and mobile phone enterprises have begun stepping out onto the world stage, gradually expanding their global market share

The patent protector

Rowel Barba, director general of the Philippines’ IP office and new chair of APEC IP expert group, shares insights on the state of IP in the region in an exclusive interview

A comparison of trademark law

Trademark laws are rapidly evolving to ensure businesses can maintain a competitive edge

Using IP umbrella to shield data shows legal gaps

By Yang Xun and Yan Yi, Llinks Law Offices

The threshold of change

Big benefits from progressive IP protection but tech advances bring fresh challenges

IP protection in the ChatGPT era

By Wang Yan and Li Yue, Han Kun Law Offices

China customs services and IP protection

By Tom Tang, Joint-Win Partners

Challenges and solutions for Chinese patent applications

By Wu Li, Zhang Xiaoning, and Yang Jian, Lifang & Partners

Reputation on the line in trade mark dilution

By Manisha Singh and Shivi Gupta, LexOrbis

Tributes pour in for NK Anand India’s respected IP pioneer

Mr Nawal Kishore Anand, the founding father of Anand and Anand and one of the first IP lawyers in India, died on 29 March

Preparatory use of a mark as legitimate use

By Manisha Singh and Omesh Puri, LexOrbis

Patent law fine with penalties, not prison

By DPS Parmar, LexOrbis

Dipping a cautious toe in the e-commerce swamp

By Manisha Singh and Simrat Kaur, LexOrbis

New Philippine IP rules protect non-traditional visual trademarks

By Amanda Carlota, Federis & Associates Law Office


women’s workplace law now in effect

Strengthened women’s workplace law now in effect

By Han Ying, Zhilin Law Firm
Taiwan’s emerging insurtech sector

Challenges navigating Taiwan’s emerging insurtech sector

By Eddie Hsiung and Maggie Chang, Lee and Li
disruptive technology as convenience

Disruptive technology or disruption disguised as convenience

By Gaurav Sahay and Ashita Sahay, SNG & Partners
Application of service trusts

Service trusts in bankruptcy management and risk disposal

By Wang Zhenxiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng



Founder indemnities balance risk against investor comfort

By Sindhu Nayak, Bharucha & Partners

Former directors stay on the hook despite successful CIRP

By Karthik Somasundram and Alabh Lal, Bharucha & Partners

Implications and challenges of proposed labour codes

By Jivesh Chandrayan and Bhagwati Tiwari, HSA Advocates
Pharma compliance in tax management

Pharma compliance in tax management through data

By Quan Kaiming and Yuan Wei, AllBright Law Offices

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