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A regional comparison of patent law

Patent laws in the region vary in their effectiveness.

A regional comparison of competition law

Region's experts head to head on competition laws

TM an Asian comparison

Region's IP experts head to head on trademark laws

Law firm billing rates survey 2016

Indian law firms reveal their hourly fees

Law firm billing rates survey 2015

75 Indian law firms reveal their hourly fees

Survey of law firm billing rates

Corporate legal spending has reached new highs

Survey of law firm billing rates 2013

Alternative patterns rival hourly billing as legal fees escalate

Survey of law firm billing rates 2012

How much should you be paying for legal advice in India?


Rivals see red on biscuit packaging

Rivals see red on biscuit packaging

By Manisha Singh and Dheeraj Kapoor, LexOrbis

GC confidential

What qualities do effective general counsel need to be assets to their companies? We asked two prominent GCs for their candia personal views on where you need to be to have your legal department working at optimum for your company and its people


Investment incentives and setting up business in Taiwan

By Robin Chang, Matt Lai and Lu Jialin, Lee and Li


The-rebuild: IP matters

The rebuild

The IP division at Delhi High Court may be a harbinger of a new era, but India would do well to look further afield for examples of best-practice IP dispute resolution, argues KS Kardam, former senior joint controller of patents and designs at the Indian Patent Office

Indonesia Law Firm Awards 2021

Asia Business Law Journal presents the best law firm in Indonesia for 2020 and four winners each in 22 practice areas

ESG principles in Asia - Business Law

Spinning green into gold

ESG-focused fund inflows into Asia are growing, but investing is replete with risk given the region’s diversities and historical inequalities

Claudia salomonvideo

Looking to the East

The new president of the ICC Court, Claudia Salomon, discusses what changes she expects to see in the dispute resolution landscape in Asia

ruben maximiano

Ruben’s rules

The OECD’s Paris-based senior competition expert, Ruben Maximiano, shares how adopting an effective competition policy helps increase investor confidence


The Philippines’ top 100 lawyers

Asia Business Law Journal reveals the Philippines’ top 100 lawyers