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Mapping global expertise

As a wave of dealmaking showcases legal prowess around the world, we reveal the top foreign law firms for India work

Integrated disclosure system needs further clarification

By Arun Balasubramanian, Linklaters

Converging accounting standards challenge issuers

By Arun Balasubramanian,Linklaters

Opportunities arise as standards converge

By Arun Balasubramanian, Linklaters

New trends herald India’s equity boom

By Arun Balasubramanian, Linklaters


AI’s right to legal identity in India

By Vaishali Mittal and Siddhant Chamola, Anand and Anand

Advocates of IP and economic growth have consistently propagated the cause of recognising AI inventions in law. However, this is different from the issue that debates granting legal recognition to AI as an independent entity

hiQ v LinkedIn- The legal boundary of public data scraping, 公开数据抓取行为的合法性边界, Wang Yaxi and Wu Yue, Yuanhe Partners

hiQ v LinkedIn: The legal boundary of public data scraping

By Wang Yaxi and Wu Yue, Yuanhe Partners


legal tech

Siri Hal Jarvis & Associates

We peer into the undefined future of legal tech and explore how AI is already reshaping the business of law. Just how long will it be before Jarvis makes partner?