Measuring up


Change can build up, or break down

The tweaking of regulations, however small, can trigger change, some of which will have been anticipated, and some not. In a regulation-heavy environment like India, this is a given, and the effect of any regulatory change can be manifold.

IBLJ Nov2020Changes to regulations in a digital world can improve stability, or remove it. Changes during a period of disruption can transform, reform or deform our labours. Change can magnify systemic behaviours regarding our worth, signify a necessity to adapt, and offer a benchmark to point the way.

Change can make an industry soar to the clouds. It can also come in the form of subtle advice, from those who know what it takes to reach a peak and to those who wonder just how high they can climb.

This month’s Cover story analyses the restrictions on foreign investment in digital media, first announced more than 12 months ago, the repercussions of which are now being felt. A recent clarification to the changed regulations has given foreign investors until October 2021 to comply with a cap in shareholding.

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