Luthra and Atlas merge, Harry Chawla takes on managing partner mantle

Harry Chawla, Managing partner, Luthra and Luthra Law Offices

Harminder (Harry) Chawla takes on the role of managing partner following the merger of his firm Atlas Law Partners with Luthra and Luthra Law Offices.

Chawla was co-founder and managing partner at Atlas Law, which will fold into the Luthra brand. He brings his entire team of seven partners – including senior partners Ritu Bhalla and Niti Paul – and 26 associates to the merged entity creating a combined strength of 62 partners and 215 counsel.

Luthra and Luthra called the merger a “transformative moment” and said Chawla’s expertise would take forward the legacy and vision of the late founder Rajiv Luthra.

“My vision of this journey is one of continuity in change,” said Chawla. “While there are new milestones to be achieved together, there has to be a continuation of the legacy of being a full-service firm – a firm and its lawyers committed to innovative and solution-oriented service to the clients.”

Chawla was unavailable for further comment as he shared the news with the rest of the Luthra and Luthra team.

Chawla’s career has spanned three decades, with his formative years spent under the mentorship of Luthra, the erstwhile founder and managing partner of Luthra and Luthra.

The late founder’s wife Gayatri Luthra said, “Rajiv had begun the process of institutionalising the firm. I believe this to be the best step forward, especially since I have seen Rajiv and Harry share similar visions of growth, value systems and the development of people.”

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