Nipun Bhatiaa is the new CEO for Legal League Consulting

From Left: Nipun K Bhatiaa and Bithika Anand

Nipun K Bhatiaa has been named the new chief executive officer at Legal League Consulting (LLC), while the company’s founder Bithika Anand now assumes the role of chairman and managing director.

Bhatiaa said he is looking at “expanding our presence within India first, and internationally in the second leg, spreading awareness about law firm management to law students, and actively growing our coaching vertical – Lawyer Limitless”.

Anand will focus on driving growth, fostering innovation, and developing strategic initiatives. “As the founder, chairman and managing director, I will continue to … contribute to [LLC’s] evolution and overall growth by introducing new service lines and innovative initiatives, which will lead to further expansion of the organisation,” said Anand. She is also the founder and CEO of the more recent Human Elevation where she will assist legal practitioners through precise hiring and guiding lawyers.

Bhatiaa is a qualified chartered accountant, certified coach and an accredited mediator. He has been associated with Legal League Consulting, having been part of the team for more than a decade. In his new role, Bhatiaa’s priorities include domestic and global expansion, and preparing law students.

Anand and Bhatiaa co-founded Lawyer Limitless, India’s first coaching initiative exclusively dedicated to lawyers. He will help partners “implement practical management strategies, improved leadership, teamwork and relationship management” through Lawyer Limitless.

LLC is a management consulting firm for the global legal profession. “At LLC, we were the first ones to start the trend of law firm management and consultancy. While we had the first-mover advantage, we also worked very hard to spread awareness about the concept that was alien in itself in India. Today… we have opportunities to work with over 500 clients in a span of a decade and a half,” said Bhatiaa.

In the past year, Bhatiaa advised on M&A, equity structures, and alliances for more than 10 firms. He has also played strategic advisory roles in growing boutique firms and has crafted launch strategies for UAE firms for brand enhancement. He has pioneered personal branding for top five law firms’ senior lawyers and guided more than 50 firms in tailored expertise and service strategies.