3D Medicines taps Han Kun for IP advice in Hong Kong IPO

Han Kun advised 3d Medicines

3D Medicines, an oncology medical research and development company, tapped Han Kun Law Offices‘ intellectual property services during preparations for its HKD430 million Hong Kong IPO, to protect multiple patented drugs.

Han Kun said its biomedical and IP team provided product pipeline freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis, patent portfolio analysis, IP agreement reviews, and review of the related content in company’s prospectus. 3D Medicine debuted on 15 December 2022.

Envafolimab, 3D Medicine’s core product, was commercialised in December 2021 and the technology used in the drug allows patients to be injected subcutaneously, offering the convenience of receiving treatment at the nearest hospital or even at home.

For this product and 11 other candidates, 3D Medicines has established a cancer-drug pipeline from pre-clinical discovery and clinical trials to final marketing.

At present, 3D Medicines has 24 patents and 20 pending patent applications worldwide, while 10 patents and 10 patent applications for envafolimab are co-owned by the pharmaceutical company Alphamab Group.

O’Melveny advised 3D Medicines on Hong Kong and US law, Commerce & Finance Law Offices advised on PRC law, and Conyers Dill & Pearman provided Cayman Islands legal advice.

Business partners Geng Ke and Zhu Ke led the O’Melveny team, with partners Rob Plesnarski and Kurt Berney providing advice on tax issues.

CICC and China Securities International were the joint sponsors, who sought legal advice from Herbert Smith Freehills on Hong Kong and US, and Zhong Lun Law Firm advised on PRC law.

Partners Isaac Chen and Wang Zhong led the Herbert Smith Freehills team, with support from partner Jason Sung. Partner Li Jing led the Zhong Lun team.