Law firm consultant Grey Matter helps clients go green

Grey Matter Green Impact Group initiative

The Grey Matter, which focuses on branding and practice development for lawyers and law firms, launches the “Green Impact Group” (GIG) initiative to focus on environmental health for its clients.

The firm’s Mumbai-based co-founder Neha Kashyap said GIG aims to help the legal profession and attorneys divert plastic, paper and e-waste from going to landfills.

This not only leads to cost savings, but also helps in winning corporate clients that prefer to deal with environment-conscious law firms.

“Unlike manufacturing, the service industry – and the legal profession in particular – lags behind in adopting sustainable and eco-friendly business practises,” she said.

GIG’s ultimate goal, she adds, is to transition to an economic system that maximises resource utilisation while minimising waste and environmental damage.

Using the 3R strategy of reuse, reduce and recycle. the GIG initiative visits members and collects their waste at a frequency determined by the amount of rubbish generated. This is followed by bringing together organisations and service providers who help in recovering and recycling waste.

Pioneer Legal, Bombay Law Chambers, The Fort Circle, Vertices Partners, and SNG & Partners are among the law firms that have already signed up for the initiative.

GIG will also issue a green certificate that will be authorised by a government-accredited recycling organisation as recognition of the member’s consistent efforts to divert trash from landfill.

“It may be a small step, but it is something we want to do for our future generation,” Kashyap said.