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China IP case study: How BGI Genomics protects its biomedical & life sciences overseas

In the era of knowledge economy, innovation represents the core competitiveness of enterprises and the chief driving force behind both technological and economic progress

IP protection in Germany for Japanese companies

By Peter Reckenthäler and Gottfried Schüll, Cohausz & Florack

In late 2021, a German-Japanese symposium attended by 400 international guests was held at the German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO)

Patent law development in Malaysia

By Charmayne Ong and Kuek Pei Yee, Skrine


Roll-up Vehicles in Indiavideo

Roll-up vehicles driving early-stage investments

By Swathi Girimaji and Sachit Ram, Bharucha & Partners
Incorporation of Arbitration Clausevideo

Reference to arbitration must be specific

By Sudeshna Guha Roy and Alabh Lal, Bharucha & Partners

Customs protection of IPRs and compliance guidance in cross-border e-commerce

By Jia Xiaoning and Ningjing, AllBright Law Offices
SEP owners' relief destination India

Is India the next big destination for relief to SEP owners?

By Pallavi Bhatnagar, Gitanjali Sharma, and Gursimran Singh Narula, Anand and Anand

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