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India’s leading GCs launch new association

Senior general counsel of Indian companies gathered on 5 March in Gurugram to launch the General Counsels’ Association of India (GCAI)

Reach for the sky

Blue skies await aviation sector once it flies past the current turbulence

Risky business

Akhil Prasad: How to implement sound risk management practices

Why fear virtual currencies?

We must adapt to virtual currencies like we adapted to past disruptions, writes Akhil Prasad at Boeing


Jiangsu on song, 江苏正风发video

Jiangsu on song

How Jiangsu province is optimising its strengths and establishing a dominant position in east China’s legal market

As new Patent Law looms, how are partial designs shaping the debate on infringement, 局部外观设计对于保护范围和侵权判断的影响, Chen Yuxuan and Li Mingtao, Yuanhe Partners

As Patent Law looms, how are partial designs shaping the debate on infringement

By Chen Yuxuan and Li Mingtao, Yuanhe Partners


China intellectual property

China’s IP makeover

Top-down intellectual property reforms include major judicial and legislative change, solving problems that have affected enterprises for decades. But do the changes go far enough?


Insurance in bloom

Foreign insurers are cautiously optimistic over the decision to allow 74% FDI in the sector

data privacy

Devil in the data

Looking up to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation as a benchmark, Asian data privacy landscape evolves rapidly with its own unique approaches and challenges


Trends in Japanese foreign direct investment

By Masako Takahata, Japan In-house Lawyers Association

International A-List 2021

The top 100 foreign lawyers for India-related matters


Korea’s top 100 lawyers

Following an extensive nomination process, Asia Business Law Journal reveals the A-List of the country’s legal profession