Luthra hires expert to explore opening equity among partners

Luthra hires Harminder (Harry) Chawla
Harminder (Harry) Chawla

Harminder (Harry) Chawla, new managing partner of Luthra and Luthra Law Offices India, has appointed an international external consultant to explore models and structures for sharing equity among partners.

“The vision is to have a larger allocation of equity among the partners as a whole,” Chawla told India Business Law Journal.

Chawla was co-founder and managing partner at Atlas Law, and brought his entire team of seven partners and 26 associates to Luthra in August.

In discussing the evolution of the merger, Chawla recounted how he began working with the late founder Rajiv Luthra in 1995. “I had been with the firm in its very initial years when we were a small team building the organisation piece by piece,” he said.

“Mr Luthra and I kept in touch and were aware of the happenings on either side. We often discussed working together. Mr Luthra spoke about his vision of building a world-class institution, focusing on a positive work culture, bringing about technological advancements etc. Since our visions matched, it was a no-brainer to come back to Luthra when we started talks of an amalgamation.”

Luthra now has 64 partners and 220 lawyers at the firm with partners Rohit Sharma and Rubal Bansal Maini being the newest additions in the insolvency and bankruptcy and direct tax teams, respectively.

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