JILA and KICA join forces


The Japan In-house Lawyers Association (JILA) and the Korea In-house Counsel Association (KICA) have launched a new co-operation to bolster research and knowledge sharing between the two organisations.

JILA president Miki Sakakibara and KICA president Lee Wan-keun signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) through a virtual meeting on 14 December to path collaborative activities on the basis of equality and reciprocity.

Specifically, the agreement covers both parties to agree on: Exchanging information and knowledge; organising seminars, conferences or workshops; and conducting research and publishing academic journals on topics of mutual interest. Both parties also agree to carry on other activities deemed necessary for mutual co-operation.

“This is the first foreign in-house counsel that we have reached an agreement with,” said Sakakibara. “I am really impressed with what KICA is doing on their website, organising seminars and other events, so it is great for us to have a co-operation and alliance.”

Sakakibara said that the JILA plans to publish many guidelines and updates about legal investigation and legal ethics, which are needed by in-house counsel in Japan. She hopes to share the guidelines with the KICA as a part of their collaborative action.

Lee also praised each board member from both countries for coming together and forming a meaningful business alliance.

“There will be many opportunities for mutual co-operation between Korea and Japan, which are geographically and economically close, and KICA will do its best to interact with JILA through seminars and various activities despite the global covid-19 pandemic,” he said.