A glimpse at the future of the new third board


The business rules for the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Share Transfer System, the new third board, were unveiled on 8 February 2013 following the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s promulgation of the Measures Governing the Supervision of Non-listed Public Companies last year. Under the new rules: companies applying for a listing on the new third board are extended to include non-high-tech companies; there are no restrictions on corporate

全朝晖 Quan Zhaohui
全朝晖 Quan Zhaohui

ownership; the number of shareholders of a non-listed public company can be over 200; and each lot size can be split into 1,000 shares as a starting point for trading. Market makers are also introduced, investment is opened to natural persons, and licensed companies can make secondary offerings or private placements.

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