Xu guides angels to Startorus Fusion’s Tokamak

Xu guides angels to Startorus Fusion’s Tokamak

Partner Xu Guochuang of Haiwen & Partners advised Startorus Fusion in its multimillion-yuan angel round of funding.

The investors were Sequoia China Seed Fund, Xiaomi-backed Shunwei Capital, Kunlun Capital, Casstar, Telescope Investment, MSA Capital, K2VC, Unity Ventures, Legend Star, Inno Angel, Oriza Holding and Huafang Investment.

Startorus Fusion is set to build China’s first commercial fusion reactor with the funding being used to build a spherical Tokamak fusion device in Xixian New Area, Shaanxi Province. The device, which is expected to be installed within a year, confines plasma and heats ions to about 17 million degrees Celsius to test its commercial potential.

Nuclear fusion is seen as a clean-energy option with Tokamak devices the most sought-after controlled technology.

Key members of Startorus Fusion are nuclear-fusion experts from Tsinghua University’s engineering physics department and have been developing the spherical Tokamak for nearly two decades.