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Wang Xiaoyu

Wang Xiaoyu

Partner, Head of Chongqing Office
TianTong Law Firm

Tel: +86 139 1186 9195
Email: wangxiaoyu@tiantonglaw.com

Practice areas

Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution; Litigation


Wang Xiaoyu, focusing on commercial dispute resolution, specialises in either major first-instance cases involving complex legal relationships and evidence or difficult appeal and retrial cases, representing his clients in various typical cases handled by the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China (SPC) and provincial higher people’s courts among which the “TANG Changlong equity transfer dispute case” was designated as No. 67 guiding case by the SPC while the “Dali Lanlinge Real Estate Co Ltd loan contract dispute case” was published in the Civil Trial Guidance and Reference (Vol.1, 2020).

Wang advocates litigation standardisation and shares his litigation skills, providing litigation skill training covering evidence, court appearance, litigation standardisation, litigation visualisation, and other fields for nearly 1,000 lawyers and legal counsellors each year as a lecturer in the Non-litigation Academy.

Wang, after being transferred to the Chongqing office, has established co-operative relationships with several leading law firms in southwestern China, aiming at resolving major and complex client disputes and jointly promoting specialisation, co-operation, and industry development with regional synergy. He was among the Top 15 Regional Stars awarded by LegalBand in 2021.

His main clients include China Orient Asset Management Co Ltd China Nuclear Industry 24 Construction Co Ltd China Construction Transportation, Pacific Securities, Minsheng Bank, Ping An Bank, Longtan Hydropower, Xinhai Petrochemical, Yurun, Chongqing Jiulongpo District People’s Government, Sinopec Chongqing, Chongqing Construction Municipal Engineering, Chengdu First Construction, Yunnan Energy Investment Group, Guiyang Industrial Investment Group, etc.

One client’s feedback is “Thanks to the profound legal skills, excellent litigation skills, rich case-handling experience, and comprehensive consideration of litigation goals in the litigation strategy of TianTong lawyers representing us, we not only won the case but also maintained the government’s credibility”.

Another client’s feedback is “TianTong is best at telling you in a humorous and witty way that law, though lacking facial expression or verbal communication like a stern father, is always by your side when danger occurs.”

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