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Tae Il Kwon



Founding Partner
Kwon & Co

Tel: +82 2 6235 5500
Email: mail@kwonco.co.kr

Practice areas

Arbitration & ADR; bankruptcy & insolvency; defence; litigation; shipping


KWON Tae Il, the founding partner of Law Offices Kwon & Co, is renowned internationally for his wide experience and exceptional understanding of maritime law, especially in charter party, B/L disputes and crew claims. He has recently won a huge lawsuit worth KRW20 billion (about USD15.4 million) for a B/L dispute against Korean power companies. He also has been acting for various domestic and foreign owners under the instruction of the world’s leading IG P&I Clubs and prominent English shipping law firms. Also, he had worked on huge casualty cases like the MV “Stellar Banner” case, which was finally closed by CTL for an insurance sum of USD92 million.

During the past 20 years, KWON has garnered expertise by representing and successfully handling various maritime and rehabilitation cases of shipping companies. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he offers accurate guidance and strategic insights, leading numerous maritime cases to successful outcomes.

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