KICA moves office

The KICA’s new office

The Korea In-house Counsel Association (KICA) has moved into a new office in Seoul at 5 Yeongdong-daero 141-gil, Gangnam-gu, from its previous address at the Lawyers’ Education and Culture Centre.

With the lease expiring in April, KICA saw an opportunity to relocate the office closer to its board of directors.

“Since we moved the office, we can more focus on enhancing KICA’s capability and expertise,” association president Kim Sunghan told Asia Business Law Journal. “Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we hadn’t been able to manage many events and programmes as much as we’ve wanted.”

Kim said that since South Korea started easing most Covid restrictions from May, the association had been planning multiple events for members.

Board members including Kim, head of the ESG (environmental, social and governance) division Lee Wan Keun, deputy secretary-general Ryu Yungyo and executive secretary Kim Beomsu were among those attending an opening ceremony for the new office.