India, UK commit to closer ties in disputes domain


The joint consultative committee (JCC) meeting between India and the UK in August resulted in a broad agreement to work closely in matters concerning the working of commercial courts, arbitration and mediation.

With the speedy dispensation of justice as its core aim, the agreement sought to collaborate on matters such as training, use of technology for handling cases, enforcement of contracts, and capacity enhancement programmes that would be conducted for professionals in the legal fraternity in a time-stipulated manner.

The JCC meeting comes on the back of a memorandum of understanding entered into by the countries, in 2018, to co-operate in the sphere of law and justice.

A legal services committee consisting of lawyers from UK law firms, the Bar Council of India and the Law Society of England and Wales will also decide how the two nations can gain access and facilitate the opening of the legal services sector in each other’s countries, while protecting the rights and privileges of lawyers and the stakeholders they represent.