A comparison of Indian and Chinese trademark law

In a collaborative feature to coincide with the 136th annual meeting of the International Trademark Association, a Chinese and an Indian IP firm have joined forces to provide a side-by-side comparison of trademark regimes. India analysis, provided by Anand and Anand, can be found on the left-hand pages, while China coverage, provided by Wan Hui Da, is on the right-hand pages.

India’s massive market beckons for your marque, but read what Pravin Anand, Binny Kalra and Kirti Balasubramanian have to say before you take the plunge. Familiarity with the system, the law and how it is enforced is a definite advantage

The Indian legal system comes under frequent criticism for various reasons – systemic delays being among the top reasons, followed by corruption in enforcement bodies and the lower judiciary. Delays particularly haunt those foreign entities that have not until recently had India on their map.

An outstanding aspect of India’s legal system is that it affords the same protective rights to citizens and domestic legal entities as it does to foreign individuals or legal entities under its IP laws.

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