Guidelines proposed for biotechnology patents

By Manoj K Singh, Singh & Associates, Advocates & Solicitors

India’s Patent Office has recently published draft guidelines for the examination of patent applications related to biotechnology inventions. The guidelines are intended to bring in uniform practice for the examination of applications related to biotechnology.

Manoj Singh
Manoj Singh

Biotechnology is the use of living systems and organisms to develop, make or modify useful products. For thousands of years, biotechnology has been used in agriculture, food production and medicine. In recent decades, the concept has expanded to include new and diverse sciences such as genomics, recombinant gene technologies, applied immunology, and the development of pharmaceutical therapies and diagnostic tests.

Biotechnological inventions include products and processes of recombinant gene technologies, methods of producing organisms, methods of isolation of micro-organisms from culture medium, methods of mutation, cultures, mutants, transformants, plasmids, and processes and cell lines for making monoclonal antibodies. The application of genetic engineering in plants and animals has resulted in exciting if debatable technological developments such as transgenic plants, animals and isolation of human genes for use in medical treatments.

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