Getting to the root of chaotic P2P lending

By Yang Guang, Li Yunshi, Lantai Partners

Peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms have encountered drastic setbacks in development since the beginning of the year. Some platforms have violated regulatory rules in their operations, deviating from their original intention.

杨光 YANG GUANG 兰台律师事务所合伙人 Partner Lantai Partners
Lantai Partners

The status quo of these P2P platforms can be summarized as either discontinuation, shut-down, runaway, or loss of connection.

The fundamental causes include: in terms of platform management, some managers deem the platforms as tools for personal profit and illegally utilize platform resources; and in terms of regulation, existing regulatory policies lag behind and are insufficient.

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Yang Guang is a partner and Li Yunshi is an associate at Lantai Partners


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