Enlightened leadership


Lawyers are ignoring the spirituality and humanity of their profession in exchange for what they may mistake as advancement, writes Linda Spedding

Almost everything we do now seems to be aimed at being “bigger, better, faster”. The explosion of technological advancement has meant that information is moving at a dizzying rate and we are all fighting to keep up.

For many professionals the traditional 40-hour work week has become a thing of the past. Doctors often work over 60 hours a week, sometimes even 80 or 90 hours. Lawyers are expected to work at least 60 hours a week, sometimes significantly more. We have become obsessed with economic efficiency and the bottom line, so concerned with the end result that we have lost sight of what makes us balanced and happy people, let alone aspiring enlightened leaders.

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Dr Linda Spedding specializes as an independent international legal adviser in environmental law and has been involved in donor-financed environmental projects in Asia, notably India, where she has also been committed to corporate governance and ethical or values driven projects.