Construction dispute review lifts standards


Construction dispute review is a means of dispute resolution where the parties, upon the commencement of construction or during construction, choose independent review experts to promptly propose solutions or make decisions on disputes between the parties, including disputes over contract liabilities, construction quality, construction period, and the amount of claims. It is designed to resolve construction disputes in a prompt, efficient, fair and inexpensive manner through non-litigation.

DD2With its mechanism of “detailed segmentation”, dispute review allows for real-time resolution of disputes arising out of project construction, nipping disputes in the bud, settling conflicts quickly, and avoiding dispute escalation and irreversibility. The advantages of instantaneity, professionalism, flexibility, economic efficiency and moderation in dealing with disputes dovetail with construction industry needs, which often feature large amounts involved in disputes, strong professionalism, tight and extended construction periods and close relationships between the parties. So dispute review has become one of the best ways of resolving disputes arising out of international project contracts.

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Guo Chao is a case manager with the Beijing Arbitration Commission