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Practice areas

Private equity and venture capital; Investment fund formation; M&A; Capital markets


Hilda Li specialises in legal services related to private equity and venture capital, investment fund formation, corporate, M&A and capital markets. Li has represented hundreds of companies in equity financing in domestic and overseas financing markets, has represented many investment institutions in setting up domestic and overseas investment funds and has extensive experience in industries such as TMT, high-tech, consumption, insurance, education, medical services, human resources, advertising, energy, and product manufacturing.

Li has represented hundreds of projects including JD Digits’ restructuring and financing involving tens of billions, WaterDrop’s VIE restructuring and financing, the Fanshengzi (medical) VIE restructuring and financing, the Zhaogang.com VIE restructuring and financing, Liepin’s VIE restructuring and financing, the Ele.me equity financing, MOMO’s equity financing, and NIO’s equity financing.

The spin-off and reorganisation of JD.com and JD.com’s financing projects undertaken by Li were rated as outstanding transactions in 2017 and 2018 respectively by China Business Law Journal. She is also regarded as a Leading Lawyer listed in the ranking of The Legal 500 and the top 15 lawyers in the 2021 LegalBand China Lawyer Special Recommendation List.

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