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Rising Stars 2021

Zhang Yi 张毅 Rising Stars 律师新星

Zhang Yi

Tahota Law Firm

Tel: +86 186 2800 4519
Email: zhang.yi@tahota.com

Practice areas

Real estate; Real estate investment and financing; Construction engineering; Litigation and arbitration


Zhang Yi graduated with both Master’s degrees in Law and an EQUIS-certified MBA from Chongqing University and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Zhang is a partner at Tahota Law Firm, and a member of the real estate and construction engineering committee at Chengdu Lawyers Association.

Zhang has practised law and devoted himself particularly in the real estate and construction engineering-related fields for 12 years, initially working for Vanke, a leading real estate enterprise in China. He excels in comprehensive industry know-how, combining this with professional knowledge and practical experience to serve clients with legal demands regarding real estate developments, operations, investments, M&A, construction engineering, as well as litigation and arbitration. By standing side-by-side with his clients and viewing issues from the client’s perspective, Zhang has always provided sage legal advice with proper professionalism.

Zhang provides all-round legal services, from real estate investment to development, including deal structure design and argumentation, legal due diligence, legal document drafting and modification, transaction negotiation, transaction closing and delivery, and legal affairs-related areas such as dispute resolution. His main clients include Vanke, CIFI, Excellence, OCT, Zhongliang, Sino-Ocean, Junfa, Centralcon, CURA Investment Alliance, Chengdu Tiecheng (an affiliation of China Railway Construction Corp), Paul & Ray Innovation Group, etc.

Many of the theses and articles written by Zhang have been published in the Internal Journal of Tahota, and his professional accomplishments have been rewarded by Sichuan Lawyers Association and Chengdu Lawyers Association numerous times.

Zhang is well-weathered, with extensive professional insight as well as natural business instincts, with an excellent professional ability and profound understanding of real estate business. He is able to promptly and accurately detect and analyse the core demands of clients, and provide and export efficient, high-quality solutions and services, skills which are applauded by clients and colleagues alike.

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