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Tatsuo Murao - CAST Group - Japan - Lawyer Profile

Tatsuo Murao
CAST Group

Tel: +81 3 5405 7850
Email: murao@cast-law.com


Key practice areas

China-bound investment and transactions (Mainland and Hong Kong); Japan-bound investment and transactions; consultation on common law issues


Tatsuo Murao is the founder and CEO of the CAST Group, a global cross-functional consulting firm that integrates legal, tax, and accounting services for its Asian clients. He is a licensed attorney in Japan (1995), a solicitor in Hong Kong (2017), and a tax attorney (2004). For 25+ years, Tatsuo’s practice has focused on the needs of Japanese companies in mainland China, and recently, inbound Chinese investment to Japan.

When established in 1999, the CAST business model was unprecedented in Japan. Since then, under Tatsuo’s stewardship and with his unerring ability to anticipate and respond to market shifts, the CAST Group has grown to include eight entities in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Myanmar and Vietnam with services provided by 15+ Chinese lawyers fluent in Japanese and several Japanese lawyers fluent in Chinese as well as a host of other bilingual and trilingual professionals.

Based on Tatsuo’s fluency in Chinese, Japanese and English, combined with his extensive skill and experience in guiding Japanese companies in their investments and operations in China, still a key practice area, the CAST group provides consultation to 300 to 400 Japan-listed companies in Japan and China.

A second key practice area, with continued expected growth, is inbound Chinese investment to Japan. CAST has also developed niche capabilities in mediation and international taxation.

As a dually-licensed lawyer in a common law and a civil law jurisdiction, Tatsuo is uniquely situated to bridging these two legal systems and providing practical, hands-on advice about their respective differences and intricacies to clients.

Tatsuo has shown a strong commitment to the relationship between Japan and China, even in times of adversity. In fact, his efforts were recognized by the Shanghai government with the prestigious Magnolia award in 2005 and the Magnolia Gold Award in 2008. By virtue of these two awards, he was granted a PRC Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card in 2011.

The CAST Group is now in growth mode and is diversifying and expanding geographically to provide enhanced, seamless services in Japan, particularly for litigation. The total number of staff will grow far larger after merging with other firms.