Algo rolls out ESOP advisory programme

Algo rolls out ESOP advisory programme, Smita Goel
Smita Goel

Algo Legal has launched employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) subscription services for companies to receive guidance on how to structure and implement plans for employees, along with a dedicated portal.

The firm has worked with companies such as Insider, Zilingo and Numberz in India and South East Asia in advising and restructuring of complex existing ESOP arrangements from a tax, regulatory and legal standpoint.

“With this practice, we intend to create an ecosystem for knowledge and experience sharing along with the advice, implementation and tracking in one single platform,” said partner Smita Goel, who leads the programme at Algo Legal.

The firm says ESOPs provide a sense of ownership to employees for their companies and are increasing in importance.

Algo Legal has its headquarters in Bengaluru and is focused on venture capital (VC) and private equity firms, VC-funded start-up companies and corporate businesses.