ACC Australia’s podcast success leads to premier of season 3

ACC Australia podcast

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Australia has begun the third season of its successful podcast called “In-house Insiders”, which shares the most interesting stories of in-house legal professionals.

The new season kicked off with Mike Madden, the global board chair of the ACC, sharing his experiences and the lessons he learned from rugby that have crossed over to his legal career.

Madden also shared his thoughts on how the role of general counsel has evolved and the importance of general counsel working side by side with senior leadership.

In the previous seasons, guests have included in-house lawyers from diverse backgrounds, disclosing their personal and in-house journeys, as well as the valuable knowledge they have gained along the way.

The podcasts cover the importance of being approachable, of setting and successfully living the culture of the company, and maintaining passion about diversity and acceptance of all people.

“Season three’s guests include winners of the ACC Australia Corporate Lawyer Awards from 2020 and 2021, and we look forward to announcing this year’s winners at the ACC Australia Corporate Lawyer Awards’ Gala Dinner on 17 November to be held in Brisbane, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, as part of ACC Australia’s 2022 In-house Legal National Conference,” Ingrid Segota, executive director of the ACC Australia, told Asia Business Law Journal.

The guests identify valuable in-house counsel leadership role commonalities. They discuss the importance of people management, leaders’ connections to the workforce, the value of bringing authenticity to their roles and a willingness to admit that they too have challenges, and sharing how they manage these challenges.

Further, they consider skills specific to in-house counsel, including the ability to adapt communications according to the needs of recipients, learning how to mix with, and relate to, a diverse range of people and the need to expand their knowledge set.

“One thing all our podcast guests have identified is the immense value of constant learning and upskilling, and not just legal skills, from any and all sources available,” Segota added.

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