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Cao Yulong

Cao Yulong

TianTong Law Firm

Tel: +86 187 0167 7751
Email: caoyulong@tiantonglaw.com

Practice areas

Commercial litigation; Construction engineering; Dispute resolution; Insurance & reinsurance


Cao Yulong is a partner at TianTong Law Firm and a top trial lawyer. In his nearly 10 years of practice, he has specialised in construction engineering, finance, insurance, companies, loan guarantees and other sectors, and has accumulated experience in preservation and enforcement issues related to litigation and arbitration.

He has provided legal services for hundreds of clients including large central and state-owned enterprises, industry-leading private enterprises and individuals, and multinational corporations, and has recovered or avoided losses totalling billions of renminbi.

He has also participated in the compilation of books regarding litigation visualisation and other topics, and actively shared litigation techniques and perceptions in the industry, striving to promote exchanges in legal circles.
Cao, out of his love for dispute resolution, insists on working hard on the frontline of handling cases, and his attitude of attending to things personally, and dedication to investigating thoroughly, are highly recognised by his clients.

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