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Yang Ting

Yang Ting

Commerce & Finance Law Offices

Tel: +86 10 6563 7181
Email: yangting@tongshang.com

Practice areas

Arbitration & ADR; Commercial litigation; Dispute resolution


Yang Ting is a partner in the dispute resolution department of Commerce & Finance Law Offices. In the past 20 years, Yang has specialised in commercial dispute resolution and resolved hundreds of complex and significant commercial disputes.

She has extensive experience in handling equity investment disputes, financial product disputes, contractual disputes, corporate disputes, partnership disputes, labour disputes, unfair competition disputes, product liability disputes, to name a few. She excels in understanding clients’ business objectives, analysing their interests and risks in litigations, formulating rigorous litigation strategies by comprehending related commercial, legal and financial information and making procedural arrangements, and implementing these strategies through extraordinary courtroom performances.

With a solid theoretical foundation, a passion for exploring new knowledge and new fields, a conscientious and prudent work ethic, and a professional commitment to client, Yang has achieved results which are satisfactory to clients in most of cases she has dealt with.

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