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As Cayman Islands fine-tunes its position at the apex of a new generation of transparent offshore investment destinations, we ask Cayman Finance chief executive officer Jude Scott for a progress report on strategies to protect and develop the jurisdiction’s finance industry

Jude Scott
CEO of Cayman Finance

Q:How does Cayman help Asian investors with overseas investment?

A: The Cayman Islands actually is a great premier global financial hub. It efficiently connects law abiding users and providers of investment capital and financing from around the world, benefiting developed and developing countries. Where it works really well is we are really an extender of value for countries, so that businesses or individuals can access investment financing opportunities globally through the Cayman Islands.

In addition to that, because the Cayman Islands is home to about 70% of global hedge funds, that also means there’s a huge amount of pooled investable capital in Cayman that’s available to be supporting the inward investing as well as supporting IPOs, for example, for Chinese businesses, and maybe listing in the Hong Kong stock exchange. When we look at the Belt and Road Initiative, Cayman has been uniquely positioned to support that. Whether it’s direct investing or accessing financing, it’s able to actually connect China with this large pool of investable capital from the global marketplace.

As we look at the types of transactions, the type of investment capital, and infrastructure transactions that are going to be taking place going forward, Cayman is well positioned to be supporting China as well as the other countries that China is working with, to be able to access that global capital in a way that is sensitive to the different requirements that are necessary for each of the countries.

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