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Proposed reforms of Hong Kong’s GEM board

By Rosanna Chu, LC Lawyers

Concerns rise on proposed GEM reforms in wake of SPAC’s footsteps

Following stagnation on the GEM, the HKEX is seeking to revitalise its second board but there are concerns the revamp will crimp rather than promote activity as has occurred after the SPAC reforms

Main boards: first choice for large, medium-sized enterprises

By Zhang Liguo, Grandway Law Offices

Under the current system, the time-honoured main boards are highly recognised by the market and public investors, inclusive with corporate positioning and mature in terms of rules and standards



Compliance strategy

How consumer, retail companies can capture compliance and profits

By Quan Kaiming and Yuan Wei, AllBright Law Offices

Product-by-process claim lesson in appeal judgment

By Pravin Anand, Vaishali Mittal, and Siddhant Chamola, Anand and Anand
DSO criminal compliance obligations

New laws tighten DSOs’ criminal compliance obligations

By Ekin Zeng and Chen Yitao, AllBright Law Offices

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