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Law is keeping up with the competition

By Modhulika Bose, P&A Law Offices

Courts give teeth to international arbitration

By Deepesh, Kochhar & Co.

Key changes to BVI company legislation

By Peter Vas, Loeb Smith Attorneys


Making room for confessions

CCI gives parties the option to come clean after being served with an investigating order

Unlocking power of equity governance for listing companies

By Zhao Xun, Grandway Law Offices 

Monetisation of renewable energy in focus

By Milind Jha and Nakul Vohra, Dentons Link Legal



Ensuring liquidation preference to protect investor rights

By Parag Bhide and Mitali Kshatriya, Bharucha & Partners

Literal or liberal interpretation in extending arbitration

By Sudeshna Guha Roy and Ayush Chaturvedi, Bharucha and Partners
China’s export control system

China’s export control system and tips for compliance

By Qiu Mengyun and Han Xiaoxi, AllBright Law Offices

Arbitrator still in place despite unilaterally adjusting fees

By Sneha Jaisingh and Zashank Mehta, Bharucha & Partners

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