Singapore Pro Bono Committee holds inaugural event


The newly formed ACC Singapore Pro Bono Committee held its first event, entitled “Employing a Foreign Domestic Worker: Know What Is the Right Thing To Do.”

This event was held in conjunction with Justice Without Borders (JWB), a non-profit based in Singapore that focuses on providing free legal services to domestic workers who have been victimized by their employers, and was sponsored by Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee.

Douglas MacLean, the founder of JWB, provided an overview of the ways in which domestic workers can be taken advantage of by their employers, and gave the audience some insight into the legal work JWB does, including cross-border litigation to assist foreign domestic workers in collecting unpaid salary after they have returned to their home countries.

MacLean talked about some of the tricks that bad agencies pull on employers, and how you can help your worker and their community stand up for their rights. There are well over 250,000 foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

He encouraged ACC members to consider partnering in pro bono with JWB, explaining that they particularly appreciate pro bono partners that have offices in the countries where most of their clients live, the Philippines and Indonesia.

After wrapping up the JWB presentation, Hogan Lovells attorneys discussed the pro bono program their firm runs and encouraged members to partner with them in pro bono work.