Regional CCAs to launch national body

Regional corporate counsel associations to launch national body

The Yangtze River Delta Corporate Counsel Alliance (YRDCCA), along with the in-house associations of Beijing and Inner Mongolia and other regions, plan to set up a national corporate counsel association to be launched at an event in Changchun, north-eastern China, on 25 September.

Xiong Chenyao, Vice president, SCCA
Xiong Chenyao
Vice president
Shanghai Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA)

The new association, likely to be named National Corporate Legal Joint Conference, will have its headquarters in Beijing and secretariat in Shanghai, said Xiong Chenyao, the vice president of the Shanghai Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA).

The SCCA is a member of the YRDCCA, which also includes the associations of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui.

“With the enhancement of the business and legal environment in China, the legal market needs to be repositioned, and can no longer be limited to a narrowed legal market,” Xiong told China Business Law Journal.

­The new association will focus on connecting legal professionals and organizing training for members. It will first establish a “we-media” platform to provide useful legal advice for corporate legal counsel, as well as promotions on television stations and legal new media.

There are also plans to hold national corporate legal forums, to communicate with legal professionals and help lawyers promote themselves both online and offline.

The association intends to launch a “lawyer sharing” platform comprising retired judges, procurators and lawyers, to provide high-end consulting services such as litigation case management.

Xiong said there were also plans for the national association to establish an overseas exchange system to help train Chinese lawyers to be able to work in countries such as the US, Japan and South Korea.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and Ministry of Justice will supervise the formation of the joint conference. subscripton ad red 2022