Outsourcing management of IP can boost profits

By Dr Sushil Kumar,Clairvolex Knowledge Processes

Knowledge and research have become important resources and key elements in the new business prototype of economic development, so it has become essential to identify and commercialize these resources.

Asian law firms and specialized agencies have caught up with the trend of harnessing their knowledge pool and skills to earn business opportunities from overseas.

Dr Sushil Kumar, Partner, Clairvolex
Dr Sushil Kumar

In intellectual property, this has created a new profile for outsourcing that includes the provision of services such as patent drafting, novelty and prior art search, IP prosecution and management, patent landscaping, processing of standard forms for licensing, IP docketing and the like. Also labelled as “intellectual arbitrage”, it supplants the traditional core competencies of many businesses.

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Dr Sushil Kumar is vice-president of Clairvolex Knowledge Processes, a Delhi-based legal outsourcing firm.

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