Osborne Partners picks Asia head


Montek Mayal has joined Osborne Partners as a partner and practice head for Asia and the Middle East in New Delhi. The appointment comes as part of the firm’s goal to expand its disputes and damages business in the Asian market.

Montek Mayal

Prior to joining Osborne, Mayal was a senior managing director at FTI’s economic and financial consulting segment. He founded and led FTI’s economic consulting and international arbitration practice in India after joining them in November 2009 as a research analyst in London.

Mayal has been appointed as an expert in domestic and international arbitration, and in competition matters, and has testified before tribunals on claims ranging from less than USD1 million to more than USD1.5 billion.

His new role allows him to have a more focused approach towards matters related to expert witness and damages work.

“I’ve known Montek for many years, and I know what a consistently outstanding professional he is,” said Chris Osborne, the founder of Osborne Partners. “I’m very excited to welcome him to the team.

“I’m also excited by the growth and reach of this business. He is joining a rapidly expanding team, highly equipped to tackle the complex business and legal challenges faced by our clients.”

In addition to being a partner at Osborne Partners, Mayal is responsible for founding and leading the firm’s Asia and Middle East practice. This will entail building a market presence in the wider region while also hiring, retaining and guiding talent.