Nominations open for JILA’s inaugural in-house legal awards


The Japan In-house Lawyers Association (JILA) has officially opened nominations for the inaugural JILA In-house Legal Award to acknowledge the outstanding in-house lawyers and the companies that hire them.

The nomination process is open until 18 September and the results will be announced in an awards ceremony in January next year.

“If you are a JILA member, a company, or a public organisation that employs a JILA member, please consider applying for the JILA Award,” said Hideyuki Sakamoto, the JILA’s president.

The award is split into three categories: the group award, in-house award, and special award.

The group award is open to any organisation that hires any JILA members. The in-house award is open to any JILA member who has been registered as a lawyer for fewer than 15 years. Any JILA member can also recommend an organisation that contributes to enhancing the presence of in-house lawyers or legal organisations in general to get a special award.

Winners will be determined based on the total score that the selection committee members give to the top three candidates for each category. Nominations can be submitted through the JILA’s website at

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