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Liu Yuanxia

Senior Partner

Tel: +86 10 6266 9046
Email: liuyuanxia@origintelligence.com

Practice areas

Antitrust & competition; Dispute resolution; Intellectual property; Litigation


Liu Yuanxia has been a prominent senior partner at Docvit Law Firm since 2022, with a distinguished 22-year tenure in intellectual property law. Her expertise is particularly noted in safeguarding IP within the pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical (specialising in organic and polymer chemistry), and material sciences sectors. Additionally, she extends to her clientele a comprehensive array of legal services which include patent application, reexamination, invalidation, administrative and infringement litigation, as well as patent validity and infringement risk assessments, Freedom to Operate (FTO) analyses, and patent portfolio management. Liu is proficient in devising practical, effective strategies and action plans tailored to her clients’ specific situations, needs and interests. Her professional acumen has been instrumental in over 300 patent infringement and invalidation litigations. Her approach is holistic, integrating thorough investigations with court proceedings to ensure the legal fortitude of patent rights and to evaluate the implications of patent infringement meticulously.

Prior to her role at Docvit, Liu honed her skills at CNIPA, where she served for seven years following her completion of her master’s degree in 2002. It was there that she garnered extensive experience in patent examination for domestic and PCT applications and developed a profound competence in literature search and analysis, eventually ascending to the role of head of the organic chemistry department. Her exemplary performance also earned her a position as a People’s Juror at the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court, where she presided over nearly 120 IP cases.

In 2009, Liu transitioned from CNIPA to the law firm Jincheng Tongda & Neal, where she was a pivotal figure in the intellectual property department. During her tenure, she provided all-encompassing legal services in IP to multinational and domestic firms, managing close to 60 cases involving patent infringement, invalidation, ownership and trade secrets. She also delivered around 60 expert legal opinions on patent FTO, infringement, authorisation prospects and patent strategy.

Liu’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish the Beijing Origintelligence Intellectual Property Law Firm in 2014. The firm has successfully executed approximately 40 projects in approval and legal analysis for numerous domestic pharmaceutical intellectual property enterprises, represented clients in nearly 300 patent invalidation and infringement cases, and earned the trust of well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies.

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