KPMG adds Indonesia to Asia presence


Big four accountancy firm KPMG has formed an alliance with local law firm Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo (LGS) to establish a firm foothold in Indonesia at a time when the big four are building a presence in Asia’s legal services industry.

LGS managing partner Mohamed Idwan Ganie, told Asia Business Law Journal that the firm had a longstanding relationship with KPMG.

Mohamed Idwan Ganie

“Somehow it seemed to be always ‘in the air’ over all these years,” he said. “The intensive process during the first part of this year went therefore very smooth.

“We have been Indonesian lawyers for KPMG Indonesia for many years. They know us and feel comfortable with how we operate, and we share the same dedication for regulatory compliance, we both adopt high standards of professional ethics and total quality management (we are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified) and the clients’ best interests are the centre of our professional universe. We want to provide value for money and to provide ‘more with less’ and ‘more for less’.”

Ganie said the alliance would enable KPMG to massively increase the services it offers to their clients and give them comprehensive advice on investment decisions and operational aspects in Indonesia.

“In particular for KPMG, this alliance will increase their capacity in the aspect of legal services compared to other big-four firms in Indonesia. Obviously, in terms of headcount, we are small compared to KPMG Indonesia, but LGS is the oldest and second-largest law firm in the country.
“This alliance will enable us to provide a more rounded offering to all existing and new clients who need all aspects of their business to be coordinated and synchronized in the most effective and efficient way possible. We will simply bring the legal aspect, i.e. the missing link, to the equation.”

Ganie said he hoped for steady growth of the firm in the years to come, but most importantly this new direction would benefit existing and future client needs. “We have always adopted a multi-disciplinary approach,” he said. “A further integration into the KPMG network in Indonesia is therefore not excluded.

“We do not want to grow beyond Indonesia’s territorial borders, but client needs do require us now to maintain a network of branch offices within and throughout Indonesia. This includes Surabaya to serve East Java, and most of East Indonesia, Bali to serve the hospitality industry there and surrounding islands, and Samarinda/Balikpapan to serve the mining industry in Kalimantan.

“This wide geographical coverage for legal services would be a unique offering for a big four firm in Indonesia.”

Tohana Widjaja, the managing partner of KPMG in Indonesia, said: “This alliance will enable us to increase the services we offer to our clients and give them comprehensive advice on investment decisions and operational aspects in Indonesia. We have already had a professional relationship with LGS for years and we know that they have a strong reputation for their professionalism and integrity among the business community in Indonesia.”