KICA moves office

KICA president Lee Wan keun (centre) with vice president Kim Min kyo (left) and Yang Jong yoon

The Korea In-house Counsel Association (KICA) moved into a new office at 301-2 of the Lawyers’ Education and Culture Centre in Seocho-dong, Seoul, on 20 October.

Due to covid-19 restrictions, only a few members of the board of directors attended the opening ceremony, including association president, Lee Wan-keun, vice president Kim Min-kyo and secretary general Yang Jong-yoon.

“Since opening the office last year, the Korea In-house Counsel Association has been active in many events and programmes,” said Lee. “Now that we have a new home, we will make every effort to help the in-house lawyers and legal counsel further.”

The association opened its first permanent office in May last year, in the same building, but has now moved to a different floor. The Seoul Bar Association supported the new office by allowing an office space for the association at the Lawyers’ Education and Culture Centre.

The KICA has been busy with expansion of late. In May this year, the association launched an English-language website to meet the interests of foreign institutions, law firms and Korea’s foreign in-house community, and to promote global exchanges. The website gives updates on various topics such as compliance, alternative dispute resolutions, policy, education, training opportunities for lawyers, and pro-bono activities. Subscription