Miki Sakakibara, JILA President-elect

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The Japan In-house Lawyers Association (JILA) has elected a new president and other executive officers during its May annual general meeting.

Miki Sakakibara has taken on the role of president of the association, replacing Yasushi Murofushi.

Newly elected JILA deputy presidents Shoko Kataoka, Masako Takahata and Yasuhiro Umeda will join incumbents Mari Hiraizumi and Tadashi Okamoto.

The newly elected JILA board members include: Yoshinori Yamane, chair of the Training Programmes Committee; Takuo Murase, chair of the Public Relations Committee; and Sayaka Eguro, Deputy Secretary General.

Sakakibara said the JILA would continue to offer a variety of services to support its members.

“JILA in-house lawyers seminars are one way to offer such support,” she said. “JILA’s training programmes committee organizes a monthly seminar for the members.

“We have organized such seminars more than 110 times so far. The four branches of JILA regularly organize a variety of seminars and networking opportunities as well.”

Sakakibara said the JILA had 10 study groups, with each group actively organizing seminars and workshops. In addition to that, she said JILA’s 10 divisions, which are divided according to industries of their members, also organize seminars and workshops.